jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Último Número del Journal of Development Economics

Acaba de salir el último número del Journal of Development Economics, probablemente el field journal más importante en el tema.


1.Editorial Board
Page IFC
2.Changing aid regimes? U.S. foreign aid from the Cold War to the War on Terror
Pages 185-197
Robert K. Fleck, Christopher Kilby
3.Inflation targeting in emerging economies: Panel evidence
Pages 198-210
Ricardo D. Brito, Brianne Bystedt
4.Informal self-employment and macroeconomic fluctuations
Pages 211-226
Norbert M. Fiess, Marco Fugazza, William F. Maloney
5.Sudden stops: Determinants and output effects in the first era of globalization, 1880–1913
Pages 227-241
Michael D. Bordo, Alberto F. Cavallo, Christopher M. Meissner
6.Does foreign direct investment promote growth? Exploring the role of financial markets on linkages
Pages 242-256
Laura Alfaro, Areendam Chanda, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Selin Sayek
7.Export promotion agencies: Do they work?
Pages 257-265
Daniel Lederman, Marcelo Olarreaga, Lucy Payton
8.Chronic and transient poverty: Measurement and estimation, with evidence from China
Pages 266-277
Jean-Yves Duclos, Abdelkrim Araar, John Giles
9.Teacher unions, teacher pay and student performance in India: A pupil fixed effects approach
Pages 278-288
Geeta Kingdon, Francis Teal
10.Trade, democracy, and the gravity equation
Pages 289-300
Miaojie Yu
11.It matters where you go: Outward foreign direct investment and multinational employment growth at home
Pages 301-309
Peter Debaere, Hongshik Lee, Joonhyung Lee
12.Estimating the private benefits of vaccination against cholera in Beira, Mozambique: A travel cost approach
Pages 310-322
Marc Jeuland, Marcelino Lucas, John Clemens, Dale Whittington
13.Remittances to Latin America from migrants in the United States: Assessing the impact of amnesty programs
Pages 323-335
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Francesca Mazzolari
14.Sovereign defaulters: Do international capital markets punish them?
Pages 336-347
Miguel Fuentes, Diego Saravia
15.Group lending and individual lending with strategic default
Pages 348-363
Bharat Bhole, Sean Ogden

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